Tips for Shooting Photos Outside Back

Oct 24, 2013

Rick St JohnWhenever you shoot photos outside there are a few general rules that you should keep in mind if you are new to photography and if you are planning to use the manual settings on your digital SLR camera.

I have listed below a chart that offers some guidelines regarding the basic camera settings for the following lighting conditions, you will need to practice and make your own adjustments as you shoot, to get the correct exposure.

The best way to get the photo exposure that you are looking for is to practice taking pictures, and a lot of them. Pay close attention to each photo that you take, review your past settings against your current settings.

Remember with photography it's all about getting the picture in just the right lighting.

ApertureLighting ConditionsShadow Detail
f/22Snow & SandDark with Sharp Edges
f/11Slight OvercastSoft Around the Edges
f/8OvercastBarely Visible
f5.6Heavy OvercastNo Shadows
f/4Open Shade & Sunsets
No Shadows
Add One StopBack-lightingN/A

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